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I am Portuguese and my name is Marina Keumurdji Santa Clara – a child of the 90's!
I am a Designer currently based in Algarve.
I have an amazing baby girl and a dog named Pantcho.
I love movies, series & Italian and Asian Food.
Traveler, reader, thinker and doer.

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My name is Marina Keumurdji Santa Clara, and I was born in January 1993 in the south of Portugal. I grew up in Albufeira, surrounded by several cultures, since my family is spread around the globe. 

I left Albufeira for Lisbon to begin my licentiate degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. When I concluded the licentiate degree I started to work in Lisbon, in the Digital Marketing field, where the contact with Design and IT was constant. Living, studying, and working in Lisbon was one the most important chapters of my life, since it made me grow so much as a person and realize what I really liked. 


At the end of 2017, I decided to return to my hometown. When I arrived at Algarve I felt that I would like to explore more about Design, and to be able to mix it with the Marketing field, since these are two areas that match and complement. So I took a course in Graphic Design, and had the opportunity to explore several different types of Design and found my passion for digital collages. 


Nowadays I work at my Local Accommodation in Albufeira, also developing branding works for local commerce and social media management. 


Some of my passions are collages and interior design, the different conjugations of art in a space, the mix between the vintage and the modern, a way of opening doors to different types of ambiance and emotions. 


This is something I look for in my day to day, in my life and in my house.


Permanent Exhibition - ISTA
Portugal and Fishe Colletion, Albufeira
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Octuber 2019 - Café Alfarroba
Vintage Food, Albufeira

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