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NR.2 Portugal and Fishe Colletion


I was challenged by Sérgio to exhibit my collages at!


It was very funny because Sérgio wanted some of the collages to be related to Portugal, and without knowing it I was already developing a collection concerning the different regions of our country. During the process of this exhibition, there was a very special request - a personalized collage, and so a 100% personalized collage was born based on what offers all its students. ISTA offers various programs for children, young people and adults: Vocational Training, School Support and Languages.


And so this unique and exclusive collage was born, designed to mark the end of the course and a promising future for the students!


Now at, the students have all the classrooms decorated with my collages. I hope everyone can enjoy them, it's a pleasure to be able to be part of the day-to-day life of different students and at an institute in Albufeira that I once attended myself.

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